Steering the wheel of progress of our provinces are religious women, deeply committed and dedicated; daring and courageous in sharing the goodness of God and calling people to live life in all its fullness. In their capacity as provincial-superiors they link all the daughter houses with the provincialate, while responding to the Spirit working in the members to shape and enrich the caliber of the house and the province, giving witness to our charism.






Province of Our Lady of the Assumption

1. Sister Mary St.Thomas
      District Superior[1949-1961]
      Provincial Superior[1961-1972]

2. Sister Mary Amala
      Provincial Superior[1973-1982]

3. Sister Mary Shobana
      Provincial Superior[1983-1992]

4. Sister Mary Sharan
      Provincial Superior[1993-1998]

5. Sister Mary Anima
      Provincial Superior[1998-2004]

6. Sister Sreeja
      Provincial Superior[2005-2011]

7. Sister Beena
      Provincial Superior[2011-]











Province of Our Lady of the Visitation

1. Sister mary Jayanti
      Provincial Superior[Dec.2004- Dec.2010]

2. Sister Mary Sandhya
      Provincial Superior [Dec 2010- ]